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149: Tetris

I am the most

in between

I have ever been.

Like the sky

in between

day and night

or night and day,

when all the edges

of this harsh world

turn soft,

I too am soft.

My body,

my heart,

my faith-

all tender

all porous,

all growing.

It's the kind of

in between

that feels like

a Tetris game.

One by one

my soft hands

pick up and

rearrange the

pieces of my life.

I am building myself

a footbridge

to the next season.

One day I am sure

I will look back on these weeks

and whisper under quiet breath

prayers of clarity,

but right now?

Right now I am in the

in between.

It's dawn and dusk.

The board is crowding,

the pieces rearranging.

Everything is soft,

Everything is new,

everything is porous and growing.

Most of it is uncomfortable,

but I remind myself-

none of it is bad.

Just imagine who we'll be

when we get to the other side.

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