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207: Places I find God, an incomplete list, in no particular order:

Certainly in late night giggles- the kind that are impossible to stop,

in colorful macaroons, thunderstorms and most always,

in the wind. In the way my dog waits at the window,

in honest stories, long train rides, and phone calls home.

In kitchen dance parties,

in white winters and green springs.

In quiet mornings, baby steps,

carbonated water and a pool in the summer.

In trees of all kinds. In the sound of my dad’s voice,

in my mother’s quick joy, in my brother’s listening ear.

In a soft bed, a warm hoodie, breakfast for dinner, and voice memos.

In the moment we apologize,

in the words “me too;”

and in the inescapable way

that my love for you moves

from my heart

to my throat

to my eyes.

Written by Sarah Speed // Writing the Good

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