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166: To-Do List

My to-do list crawled into bed with me.

Before the sun rose,

before the dog was fed,

before the coffee was brewed,

before the alarm went off with her persistent song,

my to-do list was there,

tapping me on the shoulder,

whispering softly-

my dear, my dear,

you are already behind.

But this is my bed,

and this is my head

and I do not want

that to be my start.

So I kicked off the covers,

and grabbed that to-do list

right by the ear.

Then I walked past the couch,

past the dog house,

out the door

and straight to the curb.

I asked for the key.

I said I’ll take it from here.

Then I went inside and wrote a new list:

  1. Remember that you were created good.

  2. Read step one again.

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