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196: Women

For International Women's Day, Mary 8th

This is for the women who

hype you up to everyone, who bring

champagne to even small celebrations.

This is for women who stand on the table at

karaoke and sing Rihanna. (You get it girl).

This is for women who send snail mail and

remember your birthday, who comment with applause

every time you post a photo.

This is for the women who remind you what you’re worth,

who cannot stand to see you settle,

who can find God’s pulse running through your veins,

even when you swear it’s been lost.

This is for women who bend the norms,

who throw out the rule book, who write their own

theme song. This is for the women who

leave notes in lunch boxes and darn socks,

who make birthday cakes and mend broken hearts.

This is for the women who were assigned names like

Harry, John or Tommy at birth,

who are on their way back to themselves,

who feel fabulous in a dress,

who inspire me every day.

This is for the women who run laps and do push ups,

who could kick my ass and make me proud.

This is for the women who have birthed new life, but also

new ideas, new poems, new love.

This is for the women who have taught me

what it means to be a woman.

I want to be like each of you.

Written by Sarah Speed // Writing the Good

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