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277: More Please

I woke up praying today,

the words already on my lips.

Some days are like that. 

The holiness of it all finds me 

before my feet 

find the floor.

I say thank you

for last night’s pancake dinner-

maple syrup on our hands, 

our friend’s baby 

asleep in your arms. 

I say her name-

the neighbor who misses her husband.

The neighbor who sang to him before he died. 

I say fix it, 

stop it,

curse words 


for another shooting, 

another bomb dropped, 

another child growing up in this broken world. 

I wake up praying.

I face the sunrise. 

I scratch my dog between her ears. 

And before my feet find the floor, 

the words that always come to mind are 

More please.

Save us.

Thank you.


More please.

Save us.

Written by Sarah A. Speed // Writing the Good

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