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282: Unwritten Agreement

We have this unwritten agreement,

us members of humanity. 

When the toddler at the coffee shop runs around the corner,

when her mom, at the register, looks up in panic,

we, the adults in the room, will pledge 

with silent head nods and quick smiles 

to keep watch. 

We will lean out of our seats.

We will put down our phones. 

We will stand at the ready 

to scoop up,

to offer words of comfort,

to make silly faces,

to keep an eye on the door. 

And we will do this, 

because we cannot ignore the instinct to care. 

We will do this, 

because we cannot ignore  the child right in front of us. 

When did that stop applying to the children far away? 

Written by Sarah A. Speed // Writing the Good

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