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146: Solitary Confinement

I spent so much of 2020 alone in my apartment;

days and weeks and almost a year

because the world was sick

and we had to protect each other

and that was how

we showed our love.

And after weeks of the quiet,

which turned into months,

I dreamed dreams

of simple asks, like-

“Can I take your coat?

Would you like coffee with that?

Won’t you stay awhile?”


I drank coffee alone.

Loneliness danced her dance.

Our homes were haunted.

Our spirits broken.

Our hospitals flooded.

Our world afraid.

And the worst part of it all

is that still,

even now

even today

our jails

uses isolation

as punishment.

God said

It is not good

for humans to be alone.

We’ve been reminded.

What part don’t we understand?

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