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155: Coda

They started by telling me that

he was an amazing singer.

They said-

You should have heard him at the Christmas concert

in December

with all the lights in the window.

They said

everyone would have goosebumps.

They said

you could have a spiritual experience when he sang,

which of course made sense

because music can unravel us

in the very way we need.

Then they told me how

he was so gracious at the end of church,

how he’d shake everyone’s hand,

how he’d make everyone feel seen,

how he’d been a member for as long as

they could remember.

The last thing they told me

was that he was the first person they knew

that died of COVID.

And in the silence that followed

I prayed that every person

who shares the same story

also has a group of friends,

tucked into the corner

of a neighborhood bar,

that will say

how wonderful it was

to know you.

And I hope you hear it in heaven.

And I hope you sing.

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