156: For Lucy Ruth

You had a baby yesterday.

Her name is Lucy Ruth.

I haven’t met her yet

but I know she’s perfect

and I can’t help but cry

when I think about it

because sometimes love

shows up as tears.

So from states away

I will pray

that that sweet little girl-

seven pounds, twenty inches,

will inherit

some piece

of your voice and his laugh.

And from states away

I will pray

that she knows she is loved

and strong,

stronger than she thinks.

And from states away

I will pray

that God surrounds her

in a bubble wrap embrace,

so that broken hearts slide off quickly

and laughter keeps her warm.

And if I could say one thing

to your first little girl,

I would say this:

You are so loved, just as you are.

You are already enough,

more than enough.

Your parents are wild about you.

Never doubt it.

And I’ll be here.

I’ll be here if you need it.

Love always shows up.

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