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163: The Moral Of The Story Is

We all need friends. Not a single person in this city has told me they have

Enough, because it takes months and years of invitations and dinner dates and

Wine glass clinks and “meet me at the subway” and “I’m bringing coffee” and

“What do you need?” and walks in the park and “what should I wear?” and ice cream at midnight and dive bars on Saturdays and honesty on Sundays and hikes in the fall

And shared playlists and at least one themed party and a trip upstate and

“meet my mom on Facetime” and “can I borrow your sweater?” and Grubhub on sick days and pep talks on Mondays and tears in the bathroom and dancing in the kitchen

and maybe most of all, just an unrelenting insistence on showing up for each other

again and again and again and I guess I’m just saying I’ll show up for you.

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