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177: How Does A Weary World Rejoice?

I think delayed Christmas cards count-

the ones with the haphazard stamps,

mailed three weeks late.

I think the way you get down on all fours

to be close to your dog

and your cousin’s baby counts;

it’s a holy routine.

I think the way you stretch your body awake

and breathe deeply when you rise counts;

that’s Yahweh in your lungs.

I think the extra second you spent

looking at the sky last night

and not being afraid to dance counts.

So does giving up your seat on the subway

for someone’s grandfather,

helping her carry the stoller up the stairs,

and running to catch the man who

dropped his bag in the crosswalk.

Lighting candles when the sun disappears,

laughing so hard others begin to stare,

and pausing to look at trees every once in a while to say

“Good job with that one, God”

all definitely counts;

as do mumbled prayers

and children’s prayers

and every measure of music.

How does a weary world rejoice?

I would guess

soul by soul and day by day.

But if you ask me,

I bet most all of it counts.


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