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183: Still Healing

When our dogs touched noses

the kind stranger, nodding to the

skittish creature at the end of his leash, says-

“She’s not always friendly.”

We humans know what that means.

It means we should walk with tenderness

and we should give her space.

It means we should let her make the first move

and we should be patient

and we should know

that the fur rising on the back of her neck

is not her fault.

She is still healing.

We humans know

that this short introduction means

that somewhere in her past

there was hurt.

Somewhere in her past there

was trauma

or fear

or long cold lonely nights.

We humans know that,

so we are gentle,

and we give grace

and we move with tenderness.

Our dogs touched noses.

The stranger introduced her hurt.

We decided to be gentle.

Couldn’t we all use that?

Written by Sarah Speed // Writing the Good

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