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187: Long-Distance Friendships

A million text notifications

The video of your baby eating sweet potatoes

The flowers you sent when my grandfather died

Airbnb wishlists

Saving up sky miles

FaceTime calls


“I need an update!”

Long rambling voicemails

“I think you would like this song”

Photos shared on birthdays

Clothes shared when we’re in town

FaceTiming while multitasking

Kitchen dance parties

“How’s your brother?”

“Don’t forget to pack toothpaste.”

“Can I borrow your hair clip?”

Zoom baby showers

Zoom wedding showers

Singing in the car

“Remember when?”

I wish we lived closer.

I wish we lived closer.

It hurts how much

I wish we lived closer.

And all the same

and all the time,

oh isn’t it worth it.

Written by Sarah Speed // Writing the Good

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