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191: Musings

What if I turned my face

up towards the sun

and said yes please to whipped cream

and kept watching

when netflix asked

and pulled out a puzzle

when the first one was finished

and didn’t feel bad

about all that space

and what if we had french toast for lunch

and didn’t have the answer

and played music so loud

that the fourth floor

could dance

and what if

we stopped counting carbs

and kissed

really kissed

and played hookie

and gave ourselves grace

when it was time

to grow our bangs out

and what if we ordered the nice cheese

and popped champagne on a tuesday

and didn’t hold back tears

and stopped hiding tampons up our sleeves

and said I love you first

and there was nothing to be ashamed of

in this whole wild world

because we were enough

and you were enough

and I am enough

what if

Written by Sarah A. Speed // Writing the Good

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