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193: Valentine's Day Plans

People said what are your plans?

And I said well,

we will obviously eat pie

with fresh whipped cream.

We’ll probably ask for more.

And we will toast Champagne

because is it really

a special occasion

without pie or champagne?

But before all that,

I will curl up in an armchair-

most likely sideways,

and get lost in a book and

drink some coffee

for at least a few hours.

And then I will meet a friend

at a cafe

and we will order croissants

and wrap hands around mugs

and it will feel

like we’ve been friends

for a very long time,

even though

everything is new these days.

And on the way home,

I’ll try even harder

to be gracious with the clerk

and I’ll pause for the strollers

and I’ll pet all the dogs

and I’ll say thank you to the sun

and sing back to the wind

because on Valentine’s day

I will try my best

to love you

and me

and strangers

and friends

and this unreasonably


and complicated world.

And tomorrow,

I aim to do it all again.

That is my plan.


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