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197: Please Do

Release the tension in your jaw.

Allow the pillow to

hold the weight of your head.

Have a scone. Have four!

Press the crumbs into your fingers and

lick off every bite.

We are not here

to waste something good.

Walk 10,00 steps-

through tall green grass and

cobblestone lanes.

Laugh so loud that your voice

echoes and bounces off the alleyway walls.

Do not be ashamed of it. Do not reel it in.

Ask a million questions at the bar

until you have a new friend.

We could all use another friend.

Say out loud a hundred times -

lovely weather we’re having today,

and really mean it.

Read a book.

Hold his hand while you do.

Count the freckles on his shoulder

when you fall asleep;

that number is your home address.

Oooh and ahhh over the bakery case and the

poetry section of the Galway bookstoret.

Order appetizers, because today

we are celebrating.

Stumble into ancient churches-

the kinds with stories of wars and weddings,

the mountain tops of dredges of our simple human life.

Thank God for being here

just as much as God is at home with you.

Lean your head back obnoxiously far so you can

catch a clear sight of the full moon.

And then marvel at it all.

Oh my dear

life is so short,

please do

marvel at it all.

Written by Sarah Speed // Writing the Good

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