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198: I Get The Daylight Savings Conversation

Because of course we need more light.

War is one long night.

Of course we need slower sunsets

and golden hour.

We need the sun’s warmth

like we need a familiar face.

It makes perfect sense.

We don’t know how to stop the tanks

or where to bury the bodies

or what the hell to do with all this fear;

but we do know how to

roll back the clocks.

And if we roll back the clocks

then we can

throw open the windows

and push back the curtains

and greet the sun

like a long lost lover

before dragging our swords

out into the grass

to try once again,

to turn a sword into a plowshare.

It makes sense.

It makes perfect sense.

An endless night cannot beget hope.

We need the sun for that.

Written by Sarah Speed // Writing the Good


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