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203: Show Me Your Lonely

Inspired by the New York Times article "Why New York's a Lonely Town, Especially Since Covid" by James Barron.

Draw me a map of your loneliness.

Tell me where it starts,

tell me where it ends.

Show me the cul-de-sac

with all your first loves,

the exit ramp

with all your missed loves.

Show me the ravine

with the quiet holiday

and the switchback

without your dog.

Show me the silent apartment

where you thought the world was going to end,

and the flowers you bought

to keep something alive.

Paint me the ache of connection,

show me the places

you long to be touched.

Tell me about your friends.

Tell me about your love.

Tell me where there is

room in you for more.

Draw me a map of your loneliness

and I’ll draw you a map of mine.

Written by Sarah Speed // Writing the Good

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