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205: What It's Like to Be On a Pilgrimage

I am hungry,

famished really

for a brush with the Divine.

I’d take a strong wind,

a colorful dream

or the feeling of gravity

that comes with silence.

I am throwing all my questions

up at the sky,

trusting that the

stars will catch them,

that the sun will hold them,

that God will find them.

I am carving out space in me,

hollowing out

my need to produce.

It falls away

like ice cream in the scoop.

I am watching the waters rise.

They wash me clean.

They fill the holes.

The water is warm.

It is more than enough.

I am listening with all of me.

Ears perked,

face turned towards the sky,

hands open,

legs ready

to jump

or run

or dance my way home.

I am jet-lagged

and hungry

and sunburnt

and stiff.

I am singing

and writing

and stretching

and seeking.

I am here.

I am here.

God is here.

We are here.

And I am finding-

God always was.

It is more than enough.

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