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211: To The Dad On The M5 Bus

with the daughter in the bucket hat

and the son hanging off your leg,

you deserve a medal.

You deserve days off

and jewels in your crown.

You deserve recognition

for the way you

carried those kids-

loosely and safe

all at the same time.

I heard the pep talk you gave.

I saw the way you listened.

And when she said to you

“Dad, I have no friends

I saw the way your heart broke.

So there on the M5 you told her her worth.

There on the M5 you said

You are strong.

You are wonderful.

No one else can steal that from you.

And it felt like church.

And she felt right at home.

And we pretended not to hear,

but you should know-

the whole back of the bus

stood taller that day.

Written by Sarah A. Speed // Writing the Good

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