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218: A Filling Up

There’s enough time

for one more kiss

for caramelized onions on low heat,

for handwritten I’m just thinking of you cards.

There’s enough time

for an extra lap around the block,

for a bedtime story,

for the homemade sauce instead of the can.

There’s enough time

to change your mind,

to move across the country,

to begin again- and again, and again.

There’s enough time

to choose the right words,

to read the sequel,

to start flowers with seeds.

There’s enough time

to pray,

even in the morning,

even when you rise.

There’s enough time...

at least that is my hope.

But when time feels like a famine

and our dreams seem far,

won’t you please say, as you did today-

What if the running out

is more of a filling up?

What if we told ourselves

this was more than enough?

Written by Sarah A. Speed // Writing The Good


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