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221: The Best Part About New York

The best part about New York is the bagels / the sunset between the avenues / bodega cats / the couples that walk through the park holding hands / the Italian restaurant up the street with it’s Thursday night opera singer / Subway mariachi bands / Lady Liberty standing guard / the park in the snow / a drink by the Hudson / knowing our neighbors, knowing their dogs / rooftop beehives / upstate peaches / cherry blossoms in spring / a dozen different languages on a subway car / when people say “that makes you a real New Yorker” and it feels like a badge of honor / rooftop laundry lines / rogue sunflowers / curtain calls / restaurants so small they could fit in your pocket / the crown molding in the Upper West Side / midnight pizza / sidewalk Christmas tree farms / bike taxis with their music / trains that end at the beach / people who help carry strollers up the stairs / the way this city says- in a thousand different ways- come be yourself in New York, and so we do.

Written by Sarah A. Speed // Writing the Good

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