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222: The Last Day of Summer

We’re approaching a new season.

Like children with a firefly

cupped in our hands

we hold onto summer’s warmth,

carrying it with us as we go.

We are somewhere between

the end and the beginning

of something new.

In the past, I may have grieved this

season shift.

In the past I may have lamented

the last days of summer,

the last days of sunlight,

the last days of open-road.

But this morning I remembered

that every new season

is a chance to be new.

So I will welcome fall with her crisp edges.

I will welcome fall with her harvest moon.

I will welcome fall with her weekly routines

and her soups for dinner

and her chance to begin again.

And maybe this season,

we will pray more.

And maybe this season

we will taste our food and thank God for it.

And maybe this season

we will meet our neighbors

and be kind to our bodies

and dance in the kitchen on a Tuesday.

Every new season is a chance to be new.

So with the warmth of summer

cupped in my hands

I turn my face towards the fall.

Welcome, old friend.

Written by Sarah A. Speed // Writing the Good

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