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245: Hold Them Close

You only need one in the city -

one friend who says

text me when you get home,

who remembers your brother’s name,

who knows the way you like your coffee;

one friend who will brag on you to strangers,

who will lend you a sweater,

bring you chocolate,

remember your birthday;

one friend who always says

when will I see you next?,

and come over,

who doesn’t care that the baseboards

haven’t been dusted

in a trillion years,

one friend who knows the cabinet

above the sink

where you keep the ginger tea;

one friend who will hold tender truths with two hands,

who will make room in their pack to carry your heart with them.

You only need one of those friends

to make the loneliest city in the world

feel like home.

Hold them close.

Written by Sarah A. Speed / Writing the Good

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