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200: Glitter & Palms

Here’s the thing I love about parades-

they take up space,

and there is music

and there is laughter

and people stand on the sides

and cheer each other on

(and we could all use more

cheering each other on).

And if you’re lucky

there’s glitter

and cannons of confetti,

turning the street

into community art.

But most importantly,

at parades

people are true to themselves-

they dream dreams,

as they walk towards them,

and I am a river of hope.

This was true of Palm Sunday

and it will be true of Pride Sunday.

So if you are a dreamer

I hope you know,

that if Jesus were here

he’d be cheering you on,

saying yes yes yes with

glitter and palms

and it would sound like hosanna.

Parades are a language of hope.

Written by Sarah Speed // Writing The Good

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